International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Powertrains (ICAVP2019) News
25 - 27 August 2019, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China

The 2019 International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Powertrains (ICAVP2019) is aiming to bring together industry and academic experts in the fields of vehicle powertrains and automation. It will open up presentations and discussions on the solutions to both latest and future challenges among the development of the following frontiers, but not limited to

Advanced Vehicle Powertrains

• Advanced engines/transmissions/drivelines

• Energy management strategies for multi-modes of propulsion

• Innovative energy efficient technologies

• Innovative materials and lightweight design

• Innovative lubrication

• Powertrain integration/control/optimization/diagnosis

• Networked systems

• Software development for powertrain control, real-time simulation

• Experimental investigations, model validation

• Components and powertrain-in-the-loop techniques

• Advanced techniques in emission &CO 2 reductions

• Analysis/assessment of impact on energy utilization and environment

New Energy Vehicular Technology

• Dedicated hybrid transmission

• Dedicated hybrid engine

• Advanced propulsion systems

• Electric drivetrain/motors/components

• Charging technology & infrastructure

• Powertrain electronics

• Thermal management system for NEV

• Electric transportation systems

• Diagnostics & Prognostics

• Application of AI methodology

• EV safety design & technology

Vehicular Motive Powers

• New energy research

• Power battery and BMS

• Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)

• Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)

• Catalysts for fuel cells

• Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)

• BOPs for PEMFC

• Motive power safety technology